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Dyslexia Awareness Social Media Toolkit

You can help increase public awareness and understanding about dyslexia by sharing the tweets and Facebook posts below with your followers. If you write or adapt your own tweets, please use the #overcomingdyslexia hashtag so we can create a unified message and work together to spread the word about the need to support all dyslexic children and adults.

On Twitter

#Dyslexia. It just might not be what you think it is. Get the facts   #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

What are the signs of #Dyslexia? Check out this checklist #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

1 in 5 people are #dyslexic. You’re not alone. Learn the signs#overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

READ: 10 Things Parents Need to Know to Help a Struggling Reader. From @DyslexiaYale: #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

DYK? #Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. Get the facts from @DyslexiaYale:#overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

Great guide to talking about #dyslexia; what it is & isn’t. From @DyslexiaYale:  #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

Some very accomplished people have #Dyslexia. Read about them here:  #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

Learn why it’s important to say “#Dyslexia.” From @DyslexiaYale: #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

Dyslexia is a #civilrights issue. Teachers, you can help level the playing field.  #overcomingdyslexia.Tweet this

Dyslexia didn’t stop @TheDavidBoies from arguing before @SCOTUS.#overcomingdyslexia.Share on Twitter

#Dyslexia never stopped former US Sen Carole Moseley Braun. #overcomingdyslexia Tweet this image

@Meryl_Davis credits #Dyslexia w helping her achieve Olympic Gold.  #overcomingdyslexia
Tweet this image

#Caldecott award-winner illustrator Jerry Pinkney credits #Dyslexia for success. #overcomingdyslexia  Tweet this image

Author John Irving wishes he had a name for his learning struggles when he was young. #overcomingdyslexia  Tweet this image

Jay Leno credits dyslexia with helping him develop a unique comedic voice. #overcomingdyslexia  Tweet this image

A dyslexic success story himself, Henry Winkler has inspired dyslexic kids w/ his book series. #overcomingdyslexia  Tweet this image

On Facebook

How much do you know about dyslexia? Check out this definitive guide to what dyslexia is and what it isn’t. Share on Facebook

Do you have a struggling reader in your life? Know someone who does? Learn the signs of dyslexia with this handy checklist. Share on Facebook

Dyslexia is more prevalent than you may think. Research shows 1 in 5 people are dyslexic. Teachers can play a large role in leveling the playing field for dyslexic students and closing the reading achievement gap.Share on Facebook

This excellent guide provides great tips to parents on how to best prepare their children to deal with their dyslexia by inspiring confidence.Share on Facebook

So you’re dyslexic. Did you know that the most intelligent people can also be dyslexic? That’s why dyslexia is defined as an unexpected difficulty in reading in relation to a person’s higher level of intelligence. Get all the facts to help you overcome dyslexia – and show the world what you’re capable of achieving.Share on Facebook

Our guide to talking about #dyslexia can help you explain the often misunderstood nature of dyslexia and advocate for policies that help dyslexic children and adults succeed.Share on Facebook

Dyslexia doesn’t have to hold you back. Read these inspiring stories of some very accomplished people who are dyslexic. Share on Facebook

Dyslexia didn’t stop world-renowned lawyer David Boies from arguing for marriage equality before the Supreme Court. In fact, he is a poster child for why dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence.Share on Facebook

Dyslexia didn’t prevent Carol Moseley Braun from having an illustrious career as a U.S. Senator, ambassador and entrepreneur. If anything, it helped! Share on Facebook

Ice dancer Meryl Davis credits dyslexia with helping her set & achieve her goals – putting her on a path toward Olympic Gold.Share on Facebook

Caldecott-winning children’s book illustrator Jerry Pinkney says dyslexia made him the achiever he is today. For Pinkney, dyslexia is a gift. Share on Facebook

Best-selling author John Irving wishes he had known that dyslexia was the source of his learning struggles when he was growing up, but he believes his dyslexia gave him the tenacity to succeed. Share on Facebook

Jay Leno didn’t let his dyslexia defeat him. Instead, he credits dyslexia with helping him develop a unique comedic voice. Share on Facebook

Growing up with dyslexia was difficult for Golden Globe-winning actor Henry Winkler, so he has worked to become a role model for dyslexic children – even publishing his own children’s book series about the adventures of a dyslexic student. Share on Facebook

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